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Jun. 7th, 2009


penpals and 30 rock

I seriously want a pen pal. Like one in a different country. We could write each other back and forth on expensive and pretty stationary. If we become really good friends, then maybe we could summer together.
Or I could totally make up these insane stories and re-invent myself. Relationships built on lies could be very fun indeed!

I don’t know where this desire came from, I just always though the idea was neat.

Plus I really love getting mail as well as pretty stationary. IF only I knew where to find one.

Is my life even that interesting that someone would want to read about it…lol

However, I would like to learn about someone else’s for sure. Just how to find one and have them not ask for money lol and creepy things…

Maybe I could write to a prisoner!

Any ideas?

oh well time to watch 30 rock before bed

forgot about this song and I love it!

I used to sit and wonder
Would I ever be happy
Life was so bittersweet
So many disappointments
Too many ups and downs for me
When you live a nightmare
It's hard to dream

But sometimes life just isn't fair
So why complain nobody cares
And I don't wanna waste nobody's time
So I'm

I'm bout to change my vibe
Today the sun's gonna shine
Cause I made up my mind
That today will be the start of better days
Leavin old shit behind
And move on with my life
The blindfold's off my eyes
And now all I see for me is better days


If you have a playstation3 and wanna be my friend and see my living room! Lemme know so I can add you!


ring in 09

Since I have to work tomorrow at 3pm... me and D decided to stay home!

Thanks ok, he's making me a fuzzy navel and we are having an appetizer making party :)

hope everyone has a fun and safe new years/eve!


Its the holiday season

So.. it's over... it was nice. Too short, only got to spend 2 days down with the fam. Oh well.

Got lots of nice stuff..

a ps3 will hopefully be arriving soon. Can't beat that for 283.00 shipped :)

Other than that, not to much going on. Work the rest of the week and took a week off before school to do some medical stuff and perhaps see the fam for a little bit

well...stay warm

hope your holiday was good :)

New Years Resoultion #1

Learn how to light a pilot light